Top Tips to keep Your Brand Consistent

By Heather Wallace of Nomad Creative 

Your customers identify your organisation through your brand. It’s the way you gain recognition and demonstrate what distinguishes you. Keeping brand assets consistent through a plan of action is essential to maintain a clear understanding of your brand with your audience.

Here are some important considerations for keeping your brand consistent across communications and representations.

1. It starts with building an emotional connection

Strong branding isn’t just about the application of logos or slogans. Your customers need to have an emotional commitment to your brand, so they’ll ‘wear it’ with pride. What’s more, that connection drives their engagement choices and habits.

2.     Plan for consistency with a visual playbook

You’ve got to think about your brand’s specific visuals and how you’ll share them. This includes elements such as fonts, logos, colours, and so on. How do they work together? It’s helpful to visually map it out.

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3.     Allow access to the toolkit

Give your team access to your brand strategy and identity, through clear guidelines and a resource collection. Taking time to document and discuss how your brand is represented will empower staff to communicate it consistently. Make it easy by sharing your creative assets with them, which may include your photographs, stock images, videos, graphics, logos and more.

4.     Supervise your brand

As your brand expands, the risk is that people will start to create their own ways of communicating and leveraging it, leading to inconsistencies, errors, and frustrations. Your brand has to be represented with consistency across every medium and channel, which means you’ve got to provide some supervision. Take time to plan this into your systems and processes from the start.

5.     Plan changes to protect consistency

As your brand grows, your audience will develop, and what you offer them may change. You have to evolve your branding to match these changes while maintaining some level of consistency to avoid confusion. Sustaining this consistency and relevancy of your brand has to be worked at. No matter how your brand develops, always keep your brand identity toolbox front of mind.

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