The Key to Great Leadership & Communication is… Presence.

What is Presence?

Presence is the internal state of connection with self that radiates our true essence to all around us.

If you’ve ever been around someone with Presence, you will experience a calm, grounded, centred person. Someone who can walk into a room and make an impact in a gentle, authentic way. Have you ever experienced this?

Presence is a quality that can be cultivated. It is the foundational quality I help all of my clients to develop through simple daily practices. Essentially, it underpins everything.

Presence and Communication

 One of the biggest issues my clients face as leaders or running their own business is the challenge of effective communication with their team - particularly avoiding miscommunication, getting the staff to align and to really buy into where the business is going. 

There are many books and workshops on communication but what I know is, effective communication starts with the communication and relationship you have with yourself.

We have 80,000 thoughts a day and most of them are negative - the Inner Critic persistently reminds us that we're not good enough.  And we're constantly recycling the same thoughts from yesterday - 95% of our experience comes from our subconscious mind.

Often the relationship with self is based around the emotions. And for a lot of men, a lot of business leaders, we haven't even been taught emotions 101.

Having the awareness to even notice the communication you have with yourself again requires the daily cultivation of Presence.

When you develop Presence, stop buying into the Inner Critic, become more emotionally mature and are able to understand and experience your emotions; you become a more magnetic leader and effective communicator.

Presence creates a deep connection with self and with others. Leaders that are magnetic have an authenticity to them; there's an internal alignment, a certainty and a steadiness in the way they communicate. 

That energetic connection allows people to really listen to them, to connect with them, to challenge them... and ultimately to follow them. 

If you want to become a magnetic leader and more effective communicator, you need to cultivate Presence.

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