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May 2018 - Jan Friday, Co-Founder - Expede

As Co Founder of Expede, I believe true success can be found by quickly addressing your clients immediate problem and looking beyond this to develop real sustained value.

We know that data protection,tracking ,cyber security, information life cycle management, and compliance are the key concerns and headache for both in – house counsels , legal firms and other industries.

We knew and had experienced this pain within the mega oil & gas projects we had dealt with over the years. Hence after searching for commercially viable software which could meet the challenge, we embarked on creating our own solution with a specification sheet built from fixing the problem rather than the software dictating the method of working.

The offering we created was our own legal and operational management software to counter these challenges as an all-in-one, cloud based, intelligent solution that closely collaborates with clients teams and their customers to identify, manage, and compile information through eDiscovery, administer projects, and ultimately deliver efficient outcomes.

Business personnel can use the advanced, intelligent eDiscovery to upload files in any format so that all the information within the file can instantly be extracted, perfectly indexed, and stored within a central, fully secured ecosystem. Users across multiple departments can easily search for these files and get information in real time, review them ,with all search and review records automatically compiled into a single document .

We created engaging flexible  project  workflows,  intuitive dashboards, and task creation interfaces, to allow businesses to take  a refined project management approach. We were determined to design it in this way to keep it user friendly, helping clients meet their specific business needs at every step and enable them to be adaptive to changing business environments.

Being the only legal solution of its kind with Microsoft certification, our software offers unprecedented security and policy control by integrating Microsoft, Azure and Office Online technologies.

Our recommendation when  looking  at solutions, is to  try them  as a no obligation trial, choosing a particular project or trial/ case, this is when you can soon see if this makes a difference for your teams. This  is what we find works very well for our clients.

 To see whether we could be of value within your business feel free to drop me  an email

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