Perspective on Businesses as Living Entities

By Terence Tang | Mackson Group 

Often reduced to a transactional exchange for monetary gain, business, at its core, orchestrates a subtle dance of relationships and interactions among individuals.

 Beyond the narrow confines of profit margins and economic doctrines, the evolution of business reflects collective aspirations and the intricate interplay of diverse minds striving towards a common goal. The notion of a business being an entity is more than a legal construct; it is a recognition that within its structure lies a complex network of human relationships.

Language, with its ability to encapsulate cultural nuances, sheds light on the essence of concepts. In Chinese, a business is referred to as "Sheng Yi," where the character "Sheng" symbolizes life. This etymology suggests that a business is not a static entity but a living, breathing organism, implying vitality, growth, and a symbiotic relationship between the business and the community it serves.

To regard a business as a living entity is to acknowledge its role as a guide in our lives. In this reciprocal relationship, as we contribute our efforts and resources, the business, in turn, shapes our communities and influences the way we live. This perspective invites us to view businesses not as soulless profit-making machines but as integral components of our societal ecosystem.
Just as we guide businesses through our choices and preferences, businesses, in return, guide us by providing products, services, and employment opportunities. It's a dynamic partnership where success is not measured solely in monetary terms but in the positive impact a business has on the betterment of human civilisation.

Embracing the idea of businesses as living entities fosters a sense of responsibility towards their well-being. Nurturing businesses becomes essential for the vitality of our communities, encouraging ethical practices, innovation, and a long-term perspective that extends beyond immediate financial gains.

 In essence, the history of business unfolds as a narrative of human connections and collaborations. By recognising businesses as living entities, we elevate our understanding of their role in shaping our societies. Let us approach business not merely as a means to accumulate wealth but as a steadfast force that, like life itself, thrives on the interdependence of its various parts.

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