Need Funding to build your business overseas?

At Efic we work with you to grow your business overseas.  As Australia’s export credit agency, we understand the challenges you face as you look to grow your business overseas.  And with your bank often unable to provide all the financial support that you need, it can be difficult to compete and grow internationally.

We are able to provide finance support to first time or experienced exporters, as well as businesses in the export supply chain (where you have integral involvement in supporting an export, such as in the mining services and agriculture industries).

How we can help:

  • Loans and guarantees to fulfil your export contract/purchase order
  • Export Line of Credit to support ongoing export contracts
  • Performance and/or Warranty bonds as security under your contract
  • Term loans and guarantees to expand offshore or grow your export business

Learn more about just a few or the many businesses that we’ve helped in WA:

  • Dunsborough winery, Evoi Wines, in fulfilling their Caribbean order
  • Pinjarra agribusiness, GD Pork, to expand their breeding capacity and increase their sales to Singapore;
  • Perth pharmaceutical company, Epichem, to expand their laboratory, employ more scientists, and do more of their important drug discovery work for overseas pharmaceutical companies and not-for-profits;
  • Perth communications company, Radlink, to provide working capital to support the delivery of their contracts to BHP and FMG.

Further information can be found on the Efic website by following this link

If you have any questions or require any information about the opportunities available through Efic, please contact Anita Ratcliffe, SME -WA on 08 9365 4102 or



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