Key HR themes for 2023

Lois Andrijich | Life at Work 

The end of the year is quickly approaching, and before we know it we’ll be heading into 2023. The HR landscape is constantly changing, and if we thought 2022 was a rollercoaster when it came to our employees, 2023 will be challenging too. Below are my key predictions for what 2023 will bring for business leaders in relation to their employees.   

The talent shortage will remain

Nearly all business have experienced this, whether it’s turning current staff over more quickly than we’d like, or struggling to find the right calibre of staff when filling roles. Salaries will remain high for a while yet so when recruiting, make sure you’ve considered the attractiveness of the salary or benefits you have on offer. While economic shifts will make a difference, I don’t predict the talent shortage will slow down until the later in the year.

Work life balance will be a continued theme, with staff demanding flexible or hybrid arrangements.

Employees will be prepared to leave if they don’t get some level of choice around how and where they work, so expect this as a regular question from candidates in your interview processes. If you’re not prepared to offer flexibility, be upfront with candidates or you’ll lose your new starters quickly. Some organisations are offering fully remote roles, and it’s clear that catering to the preferences of staff regarding their working style is going to be a continued theme.

The focus on gender pay equity and pay transparency will grow

Conversations around pay transparency are increasing and candidates are getting more comfortable with this. Remember, the remuneration of your existing staff is not ‘set and forget’ either – if you don’t review the competitiveness of your existing wages, staff have a genuine opportunity to get a higher wage elsewhere. Upcoming changes to parental leave legislation will continue the conversation around pay equity, and there will be a continued focus on attracting women to traditionally male-dominated roles.

2023 will no doubt be an interesting year, but those are some of the themes you can expect to see as the year kicks off. 

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