How Service Builds the Reputation behind a Brand

Dino Sheref, Corporate Business Direct

Our story is about service. It’s how we build the reputation behind our brand in Perth’s business telecommunications space. And everyone says it, but at CBD it’s our lifeblood, it’s our modus operandi, it’s our strategic driver to value.

You see, there’s retail-level service and there’s the kind of customer service we provide. What does that mean? Well, first, we will always provide you with the solution that is best for you, even if you want the latest shiny techy object. Second, when you are a customer, we provide end-to-end solutions which means from scoping and consulting to selling and installing, setup and programming the equipment to providing training for your staff - and all of this is serviced at the highest levels, at every stage throughout the end-to-end solution. Should anything go wrong of course, we’re the go-to– and we’ll fix it, no matter what it takes. And we stand by what that means – literally.

But there’s another level to service. It’s not just about what we do every day, but the way we are doing it. You’ve only got to put on the news to see what’s happening everywhere – and there comes a point where service means you’ve got to lead.

So, in 2020 we got serious and became Australia’s First Carbon Neutral Telstra Business Partner, following Telstra’s lead that also went carbon neutral in 2020.

What does that mean for our business? Well, apart from accounting for our emissions as a business and reducing waste and running recycling programs for both the business and the community, it means looking at what we do as a business and focusing on services that are also part of the solution.

For example, did you know that the continued adoption of cloud computing could prevent the emission of more than 1 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide from 2021 through 2024. That comes from the greater efficiency of aggregated computer resources.

And it’s now an in-demand service that we provide. And there are a lot of advantages around the tech like less downtime, added security, remote-office solutions, speed of deployment and with all of this, it can actually save you money.

If you’ve ever thought about migrating your system to the cloud, give us a call on 1300 000 223 and we’ll run the numbers to see how far ahead your business could be. 

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