How Are You Weaving Transparency Into The Way You Sell?

Simon Bowen, The Models Method

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Ever walked into a room and the people already in there stopped talking … and you felt like there were things they were talking about that they weren’t sharing with you!

Remember how that feels, the awkwardness of it, the frustration of it, the curiosity of it …

Well, that is what it’s like for someone when they’re considering buying a complex product or service. They know there is much more to it than they know for themselves. It may even feel to them as though there is information being withheld.

They’re being asked to make a pretty big decision, yet they can’t be sure they’re being told everything.

The greater reality is that, as customers, we all go into the buying process a little cautious, maybe even suspicious that we’re not being told everything.

The antidote to this is to make the way you sell so transparent, that the buyer knows, with all conviction, that there is nothing being withheld from them.

Trust is the currency of authentic communication and confidence is the currency of conversion.

People will not enter into meaningful communication with you if they don’t feel like they can trust you.

Similarly, people won’t buy your product or service, if they can’t be confident that it will work for them.

Hardwire transparency and buyer safety into the way you sell and watch the numbers flow … and also watch the reputation flow.

How are you weaving transparency into the way you sell?

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