3 Quick Wins to Nurture Your Clients


Many companies experience the leaky bucket scenario as they grow. Existing customers fall through the cracks due to too much focus on attracting new ones. Have you ever had a client say” “I didn’t know you did that”? just as they’re leaving to go to a competitor? Keeping hold of your existing clients can be as simple as sending the right message at the right time, and at scale. 

Here are our three practical tips to easily nurture your clients to increase retention.

Plan quarterly 

Business owners usually set three-five year business goals. It’s great to have a long-term plan for your business, but, executing this is not so easy. Where do you start? Our approach is to have bite-sized goals that each take you one step closer to achieving the bigger plan. Plan your marketing activities quarterly and ensure you have the correct tracking in place. Look at your data regularly, and make continuous improvements to optimise your campaigns. One campaign idea is to promote a new service or offering to your existing clients. It provides them with more value. And if they’re not interested, it’s another touch point to keep the relationship warm.

Align your team

What if your marketing team have a different focus than your sales team? Collaboration is the key to success, and a customer relationship management system (CRM) provides a platform to do this. Working from dashboards and reports in your CRM provides valuable insights into the business’ performance, which can mean your teams have real-time data to shape overall focus.

Segment your list

It’s great that you have a database, but are you using it to its full potential? What do you know about your customers, and is that information readily available in your database? The basics, such as name, email address and job title, are great. But, to make your database work for you, you need to store further details about your customers. A great example is to note which of your services they are using. There are heaps of integrations available that can make this an automatic process to pull the information from one system into your database. Then, you can create custom lists based on this data. and send targeted emails to promote other areas of your business. 

Not sure where to start with email marketing? Download The Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing to learn how to be a successful email marker, and make your database work for you.

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