Upskilling and Succession

How can my business deliver Upskilling and Succession?

For businesses to deliver innovation, growth and profitability, ongoing development of skills is vital. The ambition for business owners is to become redundant from the day-to-day operations and work on the strategic direction. Succession represents a critical component in the evolution of businesses. For succession to work, the founder must build a trusted team to take over operations. There must be clarity of roles and responsibilities and defined budgets to manage growth.

Case Study: Aus-Link Foods

Aus-Link WA was established in 1989 as a food broker, with further expansion into warehousing and distribution. With a desire to upskill and become a better leader after taking over this family business, the owner joined WA Leaders.

Without previous experience in running a business, WA Leaders provided a high calibre network of trusted advisers. This enabled the owner to more confidently tackle the challenges that are encountered at the next level of growth.

WA Leaders has been an amazing experience. It has been educational, inspirational and transformational. I have learnt new skills, implemented new ideas, hired new roles and ultimately achieved significant year-on-year revenue growth.

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