Innovation and Sustainability

How can my business achieve Innovation and Sustainability?

Change is constant. Change presents challenges and creates opportunities. As businesses continue to adapt, the three key drivers of value are considered to be innovation, intellectual property and brand differentiation. To stay ahead of the game and lift the barriers to entry, innovation is crucial. To take that a step further, sustainability is the art of innovation whilst maintaining a reliable and balanced business that delivers against growth aspirations.

Case Study: EES Shipping

Confronted with both static business profit and staff retention issues, EES Shipping required an ambitious plan and a new direction. That’s why this major international freight forwarding company engaged with WA Leaders in 2020.  

By surrounding the business owner with the expertise and resources of the WA Leaders community, EES Shipping have invested in innovation to take advantage of market opportunities. This has yielded significant business outcomes.

Thanks to our relationships with Industry Experts, WA Leaders has helped us to explore new opportunities. We have developed a more sustainable business, with record referral, revenue and profit growth, together with our lowest staff turnover in history.

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