Expert and Peer Community

How can I access a trusted Expert and Peer Community to support my business?

Running a business can be lonely. It can be stressful and overwhelming at times. It’s not always possible to share problems with staff or family. An independent voice of reason is often the answer. With a like-minded community of trusted experts and business owners, the opportunity exists to discuss challenges and share experiences. This provides comfort and confidence. And in turn, this helps business founders and leaders to make the best possible decisions.

Case Study: Quickmail

The Managing Director of Quickmail attended WA Leaders as a guest and was impressed by the event format and the calibre of people involved. Inspired to become a member, the goal was to learn from experts and continually improve.  

By surrounding the leader with professionals who have been there and done that, Quickmail has exponentially changed. An unexpected benefit was an insurance price comparison, where the business achieved a significant cost reduction.

With WA Leaders, I have a great reason to get out of the office for an afternoon a month. This is valuable time to take stock and think about the business. I look forward to catching up with old contacts and making new connections.

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