WA Leaders Nomination - 2024 City of Canning Business Mentoring Prrogram

2024 City of Canning Business Mentoring Program | SUSTAIN 

Success in business requires knowledge, experience and vision.

Western Australian Leaders  surrounds growth companies with the expertise and experience of Business and Industry leaders providing an effective, trusted community that fast-tracks outcomes and leads to greater prosperity for each Member Company.

For forward-thinking, action-oriented CEOs, Business Owners, Executives and Entrepreneurs, WA Leaders provides a range of initiatives designed to benefit companies at different stages of growth, where participants;

  • Engage with tribes of like-minded, quality people in supported, inspirational settings.
  • Collaborate with experts, for a direct impact on workplace and business success.
  • Are inspired, challenged by thought leaders from a variety of professions and backgrounds.

Be Equipped with Updated Insights, Advice & Information

Be Guided by Industry Experts, Mentors and Advisors

Be Supported and Learn from a Community of Peers

Collaborate with a Network of Growing Businesses 

WA Leaders equips business leaders with updated insights and advice from business experts on key business topics and emerging trends

The program ensures businesses are surrounded by experts and advisors, to guide their growth

WA Leaders provides a supportive and nurturing environment for business leaders to be empowered and
encouraged at every stage of their journey

Grow with a network of businesses that nurtures meaningful and collaborative relationships

To nominate for the 2023 City of Canning Business Mentoring Program, please complete the following details.

You must be a resident and/or business owner/operator in the City of Canning to qualify (virtual offices in the City of Canning do not qualify).

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Western Australian Leaders welcomes all Western Australian-based growth companies to express interest, in keeping with the following key eligibility points:

  • The company has, or is building, a market leading brand, technology or skills base;
  • Business is a market leader or has the potential to be a market leader within its industry sector;
  • The company is in wealth creation mode and is seeking growth opportunities within the next 12 months;
  • The key executive/s are seeking the knowledge and networks to evolve their business to the next stage;
  • Executives are open to new ideas and thinking.
  • You must be a resident and/or business owner/operator in the City of Canning to qualify (virtual offices in the City of Canning do not qualify).


Any information about a company’s financial position, history and growth strategies will only be used by Western Australian Leaders for the purposes of selecting the Western Australian Leaders Executive Leaders Members, and will be stringently treated as commercial-in-confidence. Any contact details may be provided to Industry Experts, Industry Partners, Regional Members and Alumni Members of Western Australian Leaders.


The Western Australian Leaders Privacy Policy can be viewed by following the relevant link at the footer of this page. Further clarification on any aspect can be provided by contacting Western Australian Leaders using the details provided at the bottom of this page.


By submitting this expression of interest, the applicant declares that:

  1. All information provided is true and correct;
  2. You agree to abide by the terms and conditions of expression of interest  noted on this page;
  3. The company is free from legal investigation and is compliant with all Acts, Ordinances, Regulations and By-Laws, Orders, Awards, Licenses, Permits, Approvals and Requirements in respect to the operation of the company.

Expression of Interest

Western Australian selects leading growth companies to become Members.

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