Resolving Challenges through Innovation

By Grace Kendrick | ADP

A recent workshop on Innovation at WA Leaders, got me thinking about resolving challenges through innovation within the context of 2 challenges that we are seeing in the market.

Two Challenges all business is facing:

Recruiting payroll staff with a talent shortage in the Market

Our latest research showed that 53% of senior payroll professionals say their payroll service has been affected by a shortage of specialised staff over the past year.

In fact, fewer staff trying to cope with an ever-increasing workload leading to possible payment errors, and non-compliance penalties should mistakes come to light further down the line. 

All the signs are the payroll staff shortage isn’t about to resolve itself any time soon. 307% of payroll teams have seen 10% of their staff leave the payroll team. 

Finding the time to think about staff shortages is a catch-22 problem.

When you’re overstretched how do you find the time?

Many payroll teams often train their inhouse accounting or HR staff, which in itself consumes more time and resources.

Facing a shortage of trained payroll practitioners means you need to consider a few things: 

  • What would you do if your current staff became sick? 
  • Are any members of staff nearing retirement? 
  • What if one of your payroll staff resigned? 

Clearly an outside accountant or payroll service provider could provide welcome relief, whether you choose to outsource your payroll function entirely or keep some of it in house. The question then is - how do you make sure your payroll partner has the skills you need?  

72% of workers worldwide placed salary at number one.2 Strikingly, 44% say they’re always, often or sometimes underpaid.

What has Been and What is Coming?

Legislation changes are a constant

  • In March 2020, the Fair Work Commission made changes to the annualised salary provisions in 16 modern awards. The changes require employers to keep detailed records of employees' hours worked (including start and finish times and unpaid breaks) and to conduct annual to ensure employees are not being underpaid.
  • STP One and now Two – Many systems software were not ready or even going to develop
  • Wage Theft  - Qld and VIC is now a criminal conviction – when Is WA ?

Business owners and leaders need to focus on this now due to the associated reputational damage if their organisation gets caught out, not to mention the unfunded liability hurting their business’ share price or from huge fines.

Franchisors should already be aware of the need to take reasonable steps to ensure they don’t become liable for franchisee non-compliance with our employment laws. 

Superannuation to be paid at the same time as salary and wages from 1 July 2026. Currently, compulsory superannuation contributions must be paid by employers by the 28th day after the end of the quarter in which an employee is paid salary or wages.

Now more than ever business needs to be innovative in the way that it approaches and resolves these potential challenges whilst taking up the opportunities they present.

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