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As of October 2023, the automotive service and repair sector faced a shortage of over 40,000 workers, including approximately 27,000 qualified technicians and 13,500 apprentices. This shortage is exacerbated by an 11.5% increase in total automotive workshops since 2021, with nearly 3,000 new workshops entering the market in the last two years.

Since then, these numbers have remained stagnant, leaving each workshop in the country short of one technician, with 50% lacking an apprentice. The situation is projected to worsen before any signs of improvement emerge.

Despite the challenges, technicians are being compensated above award rates, with master technicians earning an average of $83,000 (excluding superannuation) and first-year apprentices averaging $36,000. However, this places considerable financial strain on small businesses, who must now dedicate more time to operational tasks rather than business growth.

Given these circumstances, every hour of the day becomes invaluable for workshop owners, emphasising the need for cost efficiency at every level. While the shortage presents a significant dilemma, it sparks opportunities for forward-thinking entrepreneurs to address this crisis.

The key objective is to develop products and services that streamline non-revenue-generating tasks, ensuring employees focus primarily on activities with a positive ROI.

One notable time-consuming task in workshops is the manual cleaning of dirty, greasy parts—a process historically reliant on caustic, hazardous chemicals detrimental to both employee health and the environment. Since then, significant innovations in engineering and higher standards within the chemical industry have liberated workshops from the hazards of the past.

Now, they optimise their time and that of their employees, enhancing revenue generation and providing better, faster, more efficient service to customers. Furthermore, they actively foster improved work-life balance for their employees, aligning themselves with a community of conscientious business owners who recognize their duty to care for both the environment and the individuals powering their operations.

Jim McDonald, the proprietor of Hotwash Australia, has dedicated a substantial portion of his professional journey to crafting a company that offers solutions to these challenges. His focus lies in delivering clean, cost-effective, environmentally friendly products and services to the industry. With a network of over 1,200 automatic parts washers spanning the nation, Jim takes pride in affirming that Hotwash Australia is actively contributing to positive change in the sector.

Jim welcomes conversations with like-minded thinkers wishing to collaborate and make positive strides to protect our environment, while improving the workplace for employers and employees alike.

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